about me

    Evan Wright is a graphic designer, illustrator, and urban calligrapher based out of Springfield Missouri (who apparently types in the 3rd person). As a child he was inspired by logos and symbols, finding them fascinating, he redrew all the logos of his favorite brands. Eventually he started making his own symbols  and logos with their own names and meanings. He got his current start in art and design after a trip to Germany, where he was overwhelmed with graffiti, that beautifully covered walls, tunnels, fences, and trains. That sparked his interest in calligraphy, typography, murals, illustration and design, and that brings us to today. When it comes to design, Evan is mad about packaging and branding. The thought of creating a feeling, an experience, or a sense of pride from a brand or product is what makes him tick. Beyond that, he also loves to draw and paint. Everything from silly fish doodles to large scale graffiti murals, it’s all good to him. Outside of design, Evan is a total fish geek. He currently is running 28 aquariums full of fish and plants, and 2 paludariums for some crabs…and has an undisclosed number of cats and a white German Shepard. He also has quite the green thumb with aquatic plants, carnivorous plants, and his vegetable garden. He currently works at a local pet store tending to all his fishy friends, but if you want him to design for you, be it freelance work, or a full time position, just drop him a line on the contaktpage.